Concierge provides a range of specialist risk management consultancy services to assist clients in better understanding and managing their operational and organisational security and safety risks. Combining first hand operational and management experience with an analytical model for identifying and assessing risks, Concierge is able to identify and highlight areas of exposure and then provides a range of practical solutions. Concierge always works with the clients to ensure that the risk mitigation recommendations and programs are locally achievable and viable.



An organization highly respected for its exceptional Risk Management Services.



Serve as a resource for the health, safety and well-being of Employees by managing risks and reducing the frequency, severity and associated cost of claims, through continuous education, participation and communication.



Bluestocking success is built on the following values:

  • Reduce Human Suffering by Promoting Safety & Security
  • Advocate Employee Well-Being
  • Protect the County’s Financial Integrity
  • Identify Risks
  • Develop Internal Human Resources
  • Respect Those We Serve
  • Establish Partnerships
  • Safeguard County’s Assets
  • Promote Personal Pride
  • Optimize Creativity and Innovation
  • Network
  • Strive for Excellent Customer Service
  • Exhibit Personal and Professional Integrity