Bluestocking is an integrated Management Consulting company. We work closely with our client to determine and quantify precisely what the objectives and expectations are. Once all stakeholders are in agreement, we tailor make the management service to meet this need. Our combined Management experience ensures that projects are executed with a consistently high degree of success

Our specialist services and solutions include:

Business Risk Management (BRM)

Business Risk Management (BRM) is the risk manager in the Department for Corporate Strategy and Risk Management. BRM process are in place, including methodology implementation and execution, database maintenance, risk champion training, and compiling and preparation of the corporate risk report.

Risk management refers to the coordinated activities that an organization takes to direct and control risk. To ensure the implementation and continual improvement of a best practice approaches within client organizations, with a professional presence as close as possible to the point of delivery.

Concierge is committed to service quality and embrace quality concepts and systems as a major contributor to achieving these goals as an integral part of our service delivery.
Our focus is always upon our client and their total satisfaction. We recognize that our clients need:

  • Leading practical risk management consulting services.
  • Timely service delivery.
  • Access to competent staff.
  • Support that encourages self-sufficient risk management.

Within our markets we will be the pre-eminent suppliers of risk management services and products that are distinguished from those of our competitors by their innovation and quality. We will achieve our goals and fulfil the expectations of our client’s needs by creating an operating environment based upon teamwork, co-operation and mutual respect between all parties involved.